TransformNational: Journey of a Bastard

TransformNational: Journey of a Bastard by Lamont Robinson is an inspiring story of how one man overcame the trials of his fatherless past from Chicago’s violent West Side to develop a path to personal success, despite countless obstacles that sought to derail him.

This book details Lamont’s own personal transformation, sharing his amazing journey as he has mastered the art of using life’s challenges as motivation to succeed rather than as license to fail. Education was vital for his success as he left Chicago at the young age of 14 to attend Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania through the A Better Chance college preparatory program where he received his first exposure to different cultures, races, and religions. Later, he was able to obtain his MBA which opened doors for his professional and personal success.

TransformNational hopes to encourage others to transform nations one soul at a time. This book is about not using obstacles as excuses but instead a driver towards success. Robinson dedicates this book to his mother and also to the single parents and children in poor and violent areas who seek a safer, more stable life.

If It Is To Be, It’s Up To Me.

Dream BIG, then achieve greatness

Lamont’s remarkable journey, although not fully completed, will inspire others on similar paths to strive for the greatness that resides in all of us.

For every pain Lamont endured growing up, he has found a success factor to serve as an antidote.  Key amongst them are Faith fueled by hard work! When you meet Lamont, you are mesmerized by his generosity of spirit and his keen intellect.  Reading his book is the next best thing to knowing him….This book is one to read over and over.

‘Don’t block my path’ is Lamont Robinson’s battle cry in this moving account of his determination, perseverance, and resilience—against all odds—in his journey to personal and professional success.

What an inspiring, humbling and incredible journey! We have always known that this story is powerful enough to change the lives of those who come to know it. Lamont, you are a model citizen and an amazing human being. There is no doubt that you have been placed here for a real and solid purpose. May the man upstairs continue to shine his goodness on you, so that you can continue to transform many more lives!

Work hard, never give up, never settle, stay focused and always be true to yourself—these are simple lessons that Lamont’s profound story is built upon, and ones we should all aspire to live by. He is a model of success—in every sense of the word—and his book shares how anyone can live their life with the same positivity and faith to achieve greatness and, above all else, a life full of love and happiness.

Lamont clearly followed the advice I gave to all my students during my 38 years at Grant School, which can be summarized in these few words: You will face many obstacles in life, but don’t give up. Persevere and realize your dreams.

Lamont is a true example of what hard work, perseverance, and fortitude can accomplish. It is my hope that his story awakens the youth of America to the lesson that hard work really does pay off. No matter the neighborhood or culture—in America, all things are possible.

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Lamont Robinson has been featured across the country spreading his personal experiences surviving hardship on Chicago’s West Side to achieve professional and personal success. His ultimate goal is to reach the community and make lasting change. Lamont Robinson would like to continue the dialogue started from the book and is available to speak at your next event. Click below to connect with our team and secure Lamont Robinson today!